Accountability. A moment to exhale.

4 / 21 / 21

Three hundred and thirty-one days ago Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. And yesterday the ex-Minneapolis police officer was finally held accountable, convicted by a jury of Minnesotans of all charges, on counts of: second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. While George Floyd’s murder was a wake-up call for some and a galvanizing moment for many, it was also a chilling reminder that too many Black families have had to grieve the loss of a loved one at the hands of the police—and for the lack of accountability thereafter. 
We are encouraged by the news of the jury's verdict and we stand with the Floyd family, communities of color, and a unified Minneapolis that stood strong, together, amid a pandemic to fight for justice. 

As we know this is only a step forward toward our collective goals to end racism in policing and in every structure of our society. These inequities lay root in all aspects of our lives and can be seen everywhere, whether that be in healthcare, housing, or in education. 
As an education nonprofit organization here in Minneapolis, we at Great MN Schools take seriously our responsibility to address and uproot racism, bigotry, and oppression by ensuring every child has access to a great school, regardless of the color of their skin. We believe great schools are the cornerstone to a thriving community and are integral in the continued fight for equity. As a community, we all must be invested in making our city and our country an equitable and just place, as we know true justice would be Gianna and the rest of the Floyd family having George with them today. 
Now we celebrate the tireless work of our community organizers and activists, and tomorrow we will continue our role in the fight for justice—and an educational system that works for all.

In solidarity,
The Great MN Schools team