5 / 25 / 22

It’s time to end gun violence

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Enough. We are heartbroken, frustrated, and outraged following yesterday’s mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas. Our school communities deserve common sense gun reforms and increased mental health support so students and educators are safe in school.

Too many people are responding to this moment with sadness and cynicism. They offer “thoughts and prayers,” but believe the problem is unfixable. We’ve heard that narrative many times, with our own efforts to address the long-standing educational inequities in our school system. Yes, the challenges are real. But we can’t shy away from big challenges – we must be bold, hopeful, and demand better of ourselves, our leaders, and our community. Our children’s lives and futures are at stake.

As imperfect as they are, schools, for generations in our community and country, have been the symbolic and actual pathway for our youth to grow and mature into contributing members of society, realizing their dreams and potential.

We encourage you to check out Everytown for Gun Safety (https://www.everytown.org/) and consider donating or joining their coalition to end gun violence. Their efforts to educate, take action, and build a movement are inspiring. They give us hope for the future during this moment of grief for the families in Uvalde, and worry for the children in our own community.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Stern
CEO, Great MN Schools