Tools for schools and community during COVID-19 school closures

We're updating this page with resources that we think can be most relevant as our partners think through immediate and long-term needs for their communities.

COVID-19 recursos (Español) / COVID-19 Khayraadada (AF-Somalii) / COVID-19 tej kev pab (Hmoob)


School leaders: Our particular focus is less on content (since the curriculum schools use is likely to be of continued use just in modified means of delivery), but instead providing you with information on:

    • Tools that you and your parents can utilize for delivery of content
    • Resources and guidance for maintaining connection to your students and families
    • Essential resources for families and opportunities for learning at home

If there are additional ways in which you need support, please reach out to any of us at Great MN Schools!

Distance learning

Success Academy: Transitioning to distance learning (the school's leaders also held a webinar for educators from across the country to share how they're preparing to provide "remote learning" for their 18,000 students, including key principles and practices; access the webinar's recording here and slide deck here)

National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools: Providing distance learning to students with special education needs or disabilities

MDE: Special education COVID-19 resources

Instruction Partners: Practical action steps for distance learning

Search Institute: SEL and building developmental relationships during COVID-19 crisis

Charter School Growth Fund: Building blocks for strong remote learning

Operations & planning

Community partners

e-learning—early ed/elementary

Khan Academy: Best known for its learner-friendly math lessons, Khan Academy also offers content in reading, computing, economics, and more—Khan Academy lessons let you save and track your progress, and are available in multiple languages

(see here to create an account; also available are daily schedules and webinars to help parents with their child's e-learning)

Raz-Kids: Supports kindergarten through 5th-grade reading; kids can listen to, read, or record themselves reading grade level-appropriate books (accounts are free for all families until the end of the school year)

PBS Kids: Great for families with children ages 2-8, offering e-activities, games, and videos (as well as some non-screen activities) for many subjects, including math, literacy, science, and emotions

BrainPOP: Videos, quizzes, and projects, ranging from science and math to arts and music for elementary and middle school-aged students (BrainPOP also offers resources for English language learners and early childhood)

Healthy at home toolkit: Suddenly having young children at home all day can be a challenge for parents-especially for those who are working or juggling many demands (available in Spanish)

EdNavigator: Daily emails full of tips and resources, including e-learning and activities to do at home (available in Spanish)

Wide Open School: Features content from broad sources to help students, teachers, and families find free, reliable resources while school buildings are closed

GoNoodle: Helps kids move while they learn—its educational videos are great for elementary-age students needing to burn off some energy

Summer Stride: Offers five tips for parents to help set their child up for success this summer and next school year

Camp Kinda: A virtual “kind of” summer camp, free to all participating families, that offers 3-4 hours of daily fun, enriching content and activities (online, offline, and outdoors)

e-learning—middle school
e-learning—high school
Essential needs
Resources from partners