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Great schools, right here in our community, are helping students from every neighborhood and every background realize their extraordinary potential. We empower district, charter and independent schools with the resources and support to provide an exceptional education to more Minneapolis kids.

Portfolio Schools

Bancroft Elementary School

Bancroft Elementary is an IB school, providing students with a strong academic foundation as critical thinkers.

School Type: District
School Principal: Erin Glynn,
Grades Served: PreK- 5
Contact: 1315 E. 38th Street Minneapolis, MN 55407

School Summary:

School Summary: Bancroft Elementary

Bancroft Elementary is an IB Primary Years Program (PYP) school, providing an academically rigorous and world-renowned curriculum to its students. Bancroft is a Community Partnership School (CPS) with the Minneapolis Public Schools district. Though this initiative, CPS schools are given the autonomy to develop and implement innovative programs and practices. During its first year as a CPS school (2015-16 school year), Bancroft saw increases in its MCA reading proficiency and growth rates and an increase in its MCA growth rates.

Great MN Schools has provided funding to Bancroft to support the implementation of a new math curriculum, development of an early literacy phonics program, best practice site visits and further development of Bancroft’s Site Council—a network of parents and community members involved with supporting Bancroft.

Friendship Academy of the Arts

Friendship Academy of the Arts is a K-6 charter school serving North Minneapolis

School Type: Charter
School Director: Charvez Russell,
Grades Served: K-6, growing to K-8
Contact: 2600 East 38th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406


School Summary:

Friendship Academy of the Arts is a K-6 charter school students from all over Minneapolis. Their vision is to “[empower]  scholars to be lifelong leaders and learners by developing the whole child socially, emotionally, academically and artistically. The Friendship Way comprises four interrelated pillars: Academics, Leadership, Family and Community Collaboration and Art Integration. At the heart of the model are FAA’s beliefs about the importance of friendship at school and in life.  Friendship has consistently shown strong academic performance, with their scholars beating the Minneapolis proficiency average in both reading and math on the Minnesota state assessment.

Hennepin Schools

Hennepin Schools is a K-7 charter school  that plans to grow to a K-8.

School Type: Charter
School Director: Julie Henderson,
Grades Served: K-7, growing to K-8

Elementary School: 2123 Clinton Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Middle School: 3109 East 50th Street, Minneapolis 55417

(612) 843-5050


School Summary:

Hennepin Schools is a K-7 charter school that opened in 2012 as Hennepin Elementary. They seek to serve a diverse population in South Minneapolis (although they bus district-wide). Their “mission is to to provide all of its students with the knowledge, skills, and character to graduate from high school and the confidence to continue on and successfully complete their post-secondary education.” Their core values include Student Achievement, We Serve, The High Road, Straight Talk, and Continuous Improvement.

Great Minnesota Schools has invested in Hennepin Schools to support a strategic planning process, as well as the effective growth of their school from K-6 to K-8.

Hiawatha Academies

Hiawatha Academies is a network of high performing college-preparatory schools focused on closing the opportunity gap in Minneapolis.

School Type: Charter
School Director: Eli Kramer,
Grades Served: K-10, growing to K-12
Contact: 1611 E. 46th Street Minneapolis, MN 55407

School Summary:

Hiawatha Academies is a network of high performing college-preparatory schools focused on closing the opportunity gap in South Minneapolis. Their college preparatory educational program is based on a philosophy of high expectations, family partnership, and the development of character and leadership skills.

The Hiawatha network of schools include:
Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Morris Park (K-4)
Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Northrop (K-4)

Hiawatha College Prep – Northrop (5)
Hiawatha College Prep – Kingfield (5-8)

Hiawatha Collegiate High School (9-12)

Hiawatha Academies is the largest CMO in the city, and its schools are amongst the highest performing. Hiawatha scholars are three times more likely than their peers in area district schools to be performing at grade level.

Great MN Schools has committed funding over four years to support the completion of an expansion plan that will add 1,627 seats to the Hiawatha network, reaching full enrollment of 2,288 students across five schools.

LoveWorks Academy

LoveWorks Academy is a K-8 charter school currently in partnership with TRUE North to dramatically increase academic performance.

School Type: Charter

Director of Turnaround: Mary Stafford
School Leader: Arthur Turner III
Grades Served: K-8th
Contact: 2225 Zenith Ave N, Golden Valley, MN 55422

School Summary:

LoveWorks Academy (LWA) is charter school deeply embedded in the North Minneapolis community. As part of a community-driven school turnaround effort initiated in 2016, LWA is collaborating with TRUEnorth Education Partners to execute its turnaround plan. Through the partnership, LoveWorks has married its commitment to providing a visual and performing arts education with an academic model focused on personalized learning that empowers students to accelerate their learning by understanding their learning strengths and growth areas.

Great MN Schools is supporting LoveWorks’ turnaround process, funding the first two years of implementation of a new school model.

Northeast College Prep

Northeast College Prep is a growing a K-8 charter school in Northeast Minneapolis.

School Type: Charter
School Director: Carl Phillips,
Grades Served: K-7, growing to K-8
Contact:Northeast College Prep, 300 Industrial Blvd. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

School Summary:

Northeast College Prep (NECP) is a K-7 charter school that will grow to K-8 by the fall of 2019. NECP’s aims to ensure strong academic, social-emotional, and talent development in every member of its diverse student body, thereby positioning each student for college graduation, career success, and positive community impact. Since their inception in NECP has seen strong growth, particularly in reading where 57% of their students are “on-track” towards proficiency, which is higher than the state average.

Prodeo Academy

Prodeo Academy is a growing K-8 charter school serving North Minneapolis

School Type: Charter
School Director: Rick Campion,
Grades Served: PreK-5, growing to PreK-8
Contact: 620 Olson Memorial Highway, Minneapolis, MN 55411


School Summary:

Prodeo Academy is a K-8 charter school serving North Minneapolis. Prodeo’s instructional model is designed to prepare students for college, and is informed by national best practices in education from the top academic schools in the country.  Prodeo is built upon a foundation of data driven instruction, strong curricula, teacher training, strategic innovation and clear structures.  Since inception, Prodeo has consistently demonstrated strong results on the NWEA, effectively moving students toward proficiency.

Great Minnesota Schools has invested in Prodeo Academy to support a strategic planning process, as well as the effective growth of their school from K-5 to K-8.

Emerging Schools

In addition to supporting Portfolio Schools, which typically receive multi-year funding commitments for planning and implementation, we make targeted investments in proven and promising schools as they work to strengthen key conditions for growth and success.

Partner Schools