In order to increase access for students to high-performing schools, Great MN Schools is launching a “Good-to-Great” (G2G) investment strategy in 2018-19 that will focus on schools of all types – district, charter and independent – that are working to get even better results for students. We believe that with the right tools and supports in place to leverage a school’s strengths and address needs, we can accelerate a school’s growth from “good” to “great”. Schools that are eligible to participate in this program have shown promising results, based on a review of available data – including the MCA, NWEA/MAP, ACT, graduation rates, and/or the 5 Essentials Survey. G2G support for schools will progress through three phases:  Diagnostic Review, Roadmap Development and Implementation Support. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Melissa Long at


Technical Assistance:

Great MN Schools (GMS) believes that targeted technical assistance and expert guidance can help high-potential schools improve and high-performing schools sustain their success.

We emphasize supports that build and strengthen leadership capacity at the instructional, operational, and governance levels. We work with local and national non-profit leaders to bring best-in-class practices to high-performing and high-potential district, charter and independent schools in Minneapolis.

Executive Coaching

We partner with EdFuel, a national non-profit, to provide 15 hours of customized, one-on-one coaching to strengthen leadership and management skills. Participating leaders select an expert coach from a local or national pool based on their identified priorities.


Board Development

Through a partnership with CharterSource and Eklund Consulting, GMS provides schools with access to year-long, in-depth and customized planning, training, and coaching to improve school governance. We have also developed a pool of candidates with diverse sets of skills and backgrounds who are interested in serving on a Minneapolis charter school board. After a review process, we work with school leaders to match board candidates to their school’s specific needs.


The UnboundEd Standards Institute is a 5-day professional development experience for leaders and teachers to better align their Math and ELA curriculum and instruction to common core standards.The program encourages greater understanding of the research behind the standards, and also delivers the practical, day-to-day strategies that can improve instructional practice and leadership in your school.

Achievement Network

Achievement Network works alongside school leadership teams to strengthen their school-wide practice and culture of using learning standards, achievement data, and analysis of student work to get breakthrough results for students. The level of partnership with ANet is tailored to school need and readiness for implementation; this can include job-embedded coaching for instructional leaders, interim assessments, data reports, tools and instructional resources, as well as informational supports such as learning walks in participating schools.

Relay National Principal Academy Fellowship

An intensive year-long, job-embedded leadership program for current principals and principal supervisors.  The program focuses on data-driven instruction through effective implementation of school-wide systems for collecting and analyzing student work, daily practices to maintain engaging learning environments, and best practices and routines for effective classroom observation and feedback to teachers

TNTP Instructional Culture Insight Survey

The TNTP Instructional Culture Insight Survey uses teacher feedback to help school leaders understand how their teachers perceive critical components of their school culture. Questions target the school’s instructional leadership practices, adult culture, professional development and leadership, and other key components that make the school a supportive and positive organization within which to work and are indicators that lead to strong instruction, teacher retention, and student outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above programs, please contact Rosie Lais (