Great MN Schools (GMS) believes that targeted technical assistance and expert guidance can help high-potential schools improve and high-performing schools sustain their success. We emphasize supports that build and strengthen leadership capacity at the instructional, operational, and governance levels. In partnership with Minnesota Comeback, the following programs are currently available to “proven and promising” district, charter, and independent schools in Minneapolis. (Schools are expected to cover a portion of the cost of each program and may be asked to submit a brief proposal explaining how the program will accelerate their progress toward clear goals for improvement.) Participating schools will have the opportunity to form or join “communities of practice” for certain programs to facilitate peer-to-peer communications and learning.


Executive Coaching

GMS is pleased to offer executive coaching in partnership with EdFuel, a national education nonprofit that works with districts, charter schools, and nonprofit organizations to increase their capacity and effectiveness by maximizing their talent systems, structures, and employee performance. Through a matching process, executive directors, principals, and assistant principals are able to select a coach from an experienced pool of national and local individuals. Coaches provide participants personalized guidance to help them build leadership and team management skills and develop the competencies necessary for success in their current positions while preparing them for potential future responsibilities or changes.


Board Development

Through a partnership with two experienced consultants, CharterSource and Eklund Consulting, GMS provides in-depth and customized planning, training, and coaching to improve school governance. Boards conduct a self-assessment, identify needs and priorities, develop clear annual goals and work plans, and then effectively implement those plans with expert support and guidance. Participants may be a charter school board, independent school board, or district school “site council” (if it has strategic and oversight responsibilities).


Achievement Network (ANet)

Minnesota Comeback is supporting ANet, a nonprofit that helps schools boost student learning with great teaching that’s grounded in standards, informed by data, and built on the successful practices of educators around the country. ANet will:

  • Provide expert coaches who work alongside school leadership teams to strengthen the school-wide practice and culture of using learning standards and formative assessment data.
  • Equip schools with high-quality, standards-aligned instructional tools and resources that empower teachers to understand their students’ needs and take effective instructional action.
  • Enable school leaders and teachers to access the best practices from other schools, including many of the highest-performing low-income schools in the nation.


Relay National Principal Academy & Supervisor Academy Fellowship

The Relay Graduate School of Education’s programs emphasize the specific teaching and instructional leadership skills that have the greatest impact on student learning and development. Its “national academy” enhances principals’ leadership practice by improving their ability in these core areas:

  • Data-driven instruction- Learn how to implement school-wide systems for collecting and analyzing student work to ensure that all students meet rigorous expectations.
  • Student culture – Turn beliefs and core values into daily practices that support a joyful and engaging school learning environment.
  • Observation and feedback – Help teachers grow to their full potential by building a schedule that supports frequent classroom observations and focused feedback meetings.


For information about the Executive Coaching and Board Development programs, please contact Morgan Brown at For information about ANet and Relay, please contact Cay Kimbrell, Director of Talent at Minnesota Comeback, at