New schools

We selectively invest in high-potential leaders and boards with the demonstrated vision, talent, experience and capacity to start successful new schools in Minneapolis

Opportunities for financial and technical support are available during two stages of the school development process:

  1. The planning phase prior to the school’s opening
  2. The school’s early years after its launch

To learn about our Entrepreneur Planning Grants for pre-operational schools, please click here. And to learn about our school implementation investments for schools in their first three years of operation, please click here.


  • We encourage school developers and leaders to review this two-part article from Fordham Institute, which provides a thoughtful and candid summary of the significant challenges many new schools have experienced locally and nationally. How will your planning and startup process successfully address the problems and avoid the pitfalls identified? Explore ‘Top 12 school startup lessons’ Part 1 and Part 2.