Tools & resources

We work in partnership with community organizations to build their capacity and help more families successfully navigate their school experience

Together, we’re transforming futures for our kids and communities.

For community

We support families as advocates in schools and voicing greater demand for more schools that work.

Minneapolis School Finder

Parents: Find your best-fit school.

Schools That Work.

Stories of relevant learning.

How to pick a school

A starting point for families—things to look for and ask about when choosing a school.

Readiness Check

A gut check for K-8 families to know if their student is on grade level.

We engage and train staff and volunteers at community organization on Minneapolis School Finder and enrollment processes, as well as other tools that support families in making well-informed decisions for their children. Our trainings extend to pre-K providers to help support families transitioning from pre-K to kindergarten.

We’re also building more tools to help families navigate K-12 systems—and to discover more great schools in our community.

We believe every student deserves a learning experience that meets their needs. And we support parents in making informed enrollment decisions, advocating for their children, and benefiting from an accurate picture of their children’s achievement and development.

If you’d like to learn more about our work in the community or our trainings—or help create more tools—connect with our director of community partnerships, Osman Ahmed:

For schools

Talent Playbook

School leaders: Hire, develop, and retain the best people to advance student learning.

Resource guide for school facilities

School leaders: Access the building blocks of facilities planning, a directory of local experts, and lease negotiation guidelines.

We also curate best-in-class tools from partners, both local and from across the country:

  • The Opportunity Myth: What Students Can Show Us About How School Is Letting Them Down—and How to Fix It
  • How do you build a continuously improving system of schools?
  • Teach Minnesota: Training diverse, effective teachers who are dedicated to fighting educational injustice and helping students reach their goals—in the classroom and in life

Learn more about how we work alongside community partners—and schools—in our 2020 annual report.