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We believe great schools matter & change lives

We see first-hand how some schools demonstrate that children from all races, means, and origins can achieve

We need more of them—district, public charter, and independent—because all children should be able to attend high-performing schools that prepare them to thrive in their lives, careers, and communities.

Students at Hennepin Elementary [Brady Willette]

All children can achieve when given the opportunity

A great school is an all-welcoming, vibrant place where teachers and school leaders are engaged and supported, where parents are valued participants, and a rigorous and relevant education is provided for all.

At schools that work, school leaders have a strong vision and are empowered to lead. Students consistently access high-quality instruction and grade-appropriate curriculum—and a learning experience that meets their diverse academic, social emotional, and cultural needs.

We believe that great schools are the cornerstone of a just and thriving community

We partner with promising schools guiding their improvement and growth, strengthening students’ learning experiences, and advancing educational outcomes. Working with community-based partners, we support families in making informed decisions on enrollment and advocating for their children within schools. And we engage the community as partners, building support for proven solutions.


Today, in Minneapolis…

Many students attend schools unable to provide them a rigorous and relevant education, denied the same quality education as others. In fact, disparities in school experiences, expectations, and outcomes are all too common—only one-third of indigenous, black, and Latinx students in Minneapolis are reading at grade level, compared with nearly 80% of white students.

This widespread education inequity has sent families in desperate search of other options, or forced them to settle for a substandard education.

The solution

Growing the number of great schools is the best way to rewrite the future for students, families, and our community. Ensuring that every child is able to attend a school that works is our moral and social imperative—our children deserve no less.

By 2030... We will significantly increase the number of students attending excellent and equitable schools.

A rigorous & relevant education

High-performing schools in Minneapolis that enroll kids from low-income backgrounds deliver twice the growth and almost four-times the proficiency rates of low-performing schools. Students from these schools have six-times the postsecondary completion, and higher employment and higher salary rates.