We believe great schools matter, and that they change lives.

We’re uniquely focused on developing & sustaining schools that work:

  • We partner with promising schools guiding their improvement, strengthening students’ learning experiences, & advancing educational outcomes
  • Working with community partners, we support families in making informed decisions on enrollment & advocating for their children within schools

Our initial


Today, 40,000 students attend a school where 40% of kids live in poverty & only 10% of these schools are high performing.

High-performing schools that enroll kids from low-income backgrounds deliver twice the growth & almost four-times the proficiency rates of low-performing schools. What’s more, 56% of students graduating from high-performing schools persist into their third year of college while less than 15% of students from low-performing schools do.

Schools that work

Great schools right here in our city are helping all students, from every neighborhood and every background, realize their extraordinary potential. But we need more of them.

The solution:
More schools
that prepare
kids for success
in careers & life

Joyful, inclusive culture with high expectations

Engaging, standards-aligned curriculum & instruction

Effective board oversight

Empowered school leaders

Family & community partners

Supported & engaged staff

We’re inspired by schools that are proving every child can succeed—& we’re committed to ensuring that more students access schools that work.

We bring proven, best practices to schools, helping them address their unique challenges so that they can offer every child a rigorous & relevant education that prepares them for success in career & life.

Number of schools in our portfolio

of our portfolio schools
will be high performing by 2022.