Mission & What We Do

Ensure every child attends a great school that prepares them to thrive in their lives, career, and community.

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Success in school is the first step to success in life.

Students in Minneapolis who attend a high-performing school are…


more likely to graduate from high school


more likely to earn a post-secondary diploma

But access to great schools is limited for too many students.
Today, only 7% of Minneapolis children benefit from a high-performing school.

Our goal is to triple the number of Minneapolis students

attending excellent and equitable schools by 2030.

We partner with Minneapolis schools to become great for every child.

We invest in the success of high-potential schools serving marginalized communities through our Good to Great process. Schools develop strategic plans and are supported through a multi-year implementation process. Each plan is customized to the needs of the individual school and includes areas such as: 

  • Advancing academic excellence through engaging curriculum & instruction
  • Building an inclusive, student-centered culture
  • Strengthening foundations and aligning leadership through effective operations & governance 

We then connect them to best-in-class resources aligned with the needs of their plan and provide tailored and ongoing implementation support. 

Schools we work with consistently outperform district averages for students of color, low-income students, and English Language Learners.

We help families partner with schools and advocate for change.

Based on parent demand, we create family-facing resources that make it easier for families to be strong partners in their children’s education. Resources such as our Minneapolis School Finder and Minnesota Standards Family Guides give families critical information about local school quality and grade-level expectations.

97% of families introduced to our MN Standards Family Guides found new ways to engage in their child’s education more deeply and then took action.

We build community partnerships to help reach all families.

Through a network of trusted community partners, we help families navigate schools and systems and elevate family voice in the K-12 education conversation. Partners receive free resources, training, and access to expert advice to help parents advocate for their children within schools and provide guidance on challenges families are facing and potential solutions.

Thanks to our community partners and the broader Minneapolis community, over 3,000 copies of our resources are distributed to Minneapolis families by nearly 400 local organizations, childcare, and community centers each year.

We build an ecosystem that supports great schools.

We engage community to advance effective solutions that create conditions for more great schools to thrive.

Only 7% of students in Minneapolis are benefiting from a high-performing school. We’re addressing barriers and elevating what’s possible so every child can access an excellent and equitable education.

Alongside schools, families, and community, we’re creating a critical mass of great schools, families that demand them, and systems that support them.

“Working with GMS has been a great experience. From their support with the different trainings (in both English and Spanish!), sharing resources and information with us, to their support when we have questions. Thank you for your support and for everything you do for our community!”

Natty Hels Centro Tyrone Guzman

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