K-12 Family Resources

Find information and support to navigate the K-12 education system for your child.

Find a Great School

Explore Minneapolis School Finder: A resource guide and directory for Minneapolis families to find their best-fit school.

Read How to Pick a School: Things to look for and questions to ask when considering your school options.

Is my child on grade level?

MN Standards Family Guides: These guides tell you the most important skills your student should be learning each year in Math and Reading to be on track, and how you can support them.

Take the Readiness Check: An online gut check for K-8 families to know if their student is on grade level.

Partner with your child’s teacher

Ready to team up? 5 ideas to start the school year strong

Dear Teacher Letter: Introduce your child to their new teacher so that they can best support your child

Back to School Parent-Teacher Planning Tool: Use this tool to help you get ready for parent teacher conferences

The Busy Family’s Guide to School: Answer questions about your child’s education journey – from grade school to graduation.

Summer Learning Supports

End-of-Year Parent-Teacher Planning Tool: Ask your child’s teacher which skills to focus on over the summer

Summer Learning Tips: 2 ways to help remix your summer learning

Find Local Resources: Find local summer programming for Minneapolis

Direct Support

Talk to a Parent Advocate: Great MN Schools partners with National Parents Union to provide 1:1 K-12 advocacy support to families facing challenges in the K-12 education system. Advocates provide individualized, culturally appropriate support to any  family that requests it.

Get Homework Help: Hennepin County Libraries provides free 1:1 support for students looking for support with their school studies. Homework Help is available in-person at local libraries or online.