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We believe that building a community of high-quality schools for all kids takes the efforts of a coordinated, aligned ecosystem. That’s why we take a broad, convener approach.

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Get K-12 systems information into the hands of Minneapolis families! We provide free resources to organizations that help families better navigate the K-12 education system. Fill out this form to become a Great MN Schools K-12 family resource partner.

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Together, we’re transforming futures for our kids, families, and entire community.

We focus on building the capacity of effective, respected community organizations that support families, educators, and communities in advocating for better schools. With a deeper, broader coalition of partners, we can underscore the urgent need for education equity, multiply our impact, and create more great schools that work for all students.

“It is a great satisfaction to work with Ricardo’s family; he arrived at the program just in time. During his moving time to North Minneapolis, we were able to help him through the School Finder Guide to find the most appropriate school for his children, which was a great benefit for them in their grades. We also prepared Ricardo for the Parent Conference time. For that reason, the teachers feel confident in sharing the success of his children during this school year.”

Maria L. Soto Family Educator