We need collective will and collaboration to ensure all children have access to high-quality literacy instruction based on the science of reading.

Literacy is key to a choice-filled life.


Children who cannot read by the end of third grade are 4x more likely to drop out of high school than proficient readers.


In Minneapolis, less than 33% of BIPOC students are reading at grade level, compared with more than 75% of white students.

The Science of Reading

Over the last five decades, thousands of studies have been conducted across the world informing how reading and writing develop, why some have difficulty, and how we can most effectively teach our children. 

The research revealed important information about how reading is processed in the brain, key components necessary in proficient reading (such as decoding and reading comprehension), and how those components translate into explicit skills and instruction.

Download the Literacy Guide

When kids get clear & specific teaching every year, grounded in the science of reading, 95% of them can learn to read at their grade level. This guide helps families know if their child is getting that clear & detailed teaching & what to do if they are not.

How Students Learn to Read

Minnesota Literacy Coalition

Great MN Schools has partnered with Minneapolis Public Schools and the National Parents Union MN to build and co-chair the Minnesota Literacy Coalition. Together, we have convened more than 60 local organizations that care deeply about student literacy, including Hennepin County Library, ServeMN, EdAllies, Bellwether, and ANet.

The Minnesota Literacy Coalition is united around a common purpose to change literacy experiences and outcomes in our state. We identify and implement concrete, actionable efforts in the following areas:

Supporting Strong Instruction

Adoption and implementation of high-quality science-backed curriculum, teacher training, and support for instructional leaders

Expanding Access & Support

Family and community resources inside and outside of school

Changing the System

Building the conditions needed through public awareness and policy change

“It’s great to see a full room of folks and organizations rallying around the shared goal of stronger literacy instruction and supports that are aligned for students. I think the message of alignment is spot on – that we can’t keep working in silos and expecting the outcomes to change; that message was clear and hit home.”

Brooke Rivers Reading Partners

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