Announcing New Partnership with National Parents Union MN

Creating a More Equitable Education System Where All Students and Their Families Feel Like They Belong

Great MN Schools is excited to announce a three year investment in National Parents Union MN (NPU MN) to support their work to give parents the information and support they need to be active partners in their child’s education and advocate for change. We are already working closely with NPU MN through our collaboration as leaders of the Minnesota Literacy Coalition. This grant allows us to grow our work together to support parents as partners, alongside teachers and school leaders, in their child’s education. 

Meet Khulia: NPU Minnesota State Director

Inspired by her daughter and a desire to share her revolutionary mind, Khulia Pringle went to school to become a teacher. She received her undergraduate degree in human services and served as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, teaching at a Charter School. She then got her graduate certificate in secondary urban education – social studies content with licensure. Through this experience, and her own as a Black mother, her eyes were opened to the issues parents faced navigating the education system and the lack of resources available. 

To fill this gap, Khulia started working with the National Parents Union of Minnesota to provide one-on-one support to families, giving them knowledge, skills and tools to advocate for themselves and their child. Through authentic relationship building, she helps parents find their voice to impact change. 

“These families have become my family. Seeing a parent who may have been intimidated by the system initially, but through a little bit of nudging and coaching, you can see their power shining through… [Because] if it’s happening to your child, it’s probably happening to other children, and there’s other systemic issues at play.” Khulia

About the Partnership

Through the partnership with Great MN Schools, Khulia plans to expand her community engagement efforts, train more organizers, and reach more families served by all sector schools in order to change policies that affect those facing disparities in education. From serving on the PK-5 steering committee responsible for helping to identify a new literacy curriculum, to working on discipline policies and diversifying site councils, Khulia is actively responding to the needs of families in our city to improve educational outcomes for kids.

“Great MN Schools believes in Khulia’s approach and has seen her drive real results for families. She is deeply respected among school leaders, policy makers, and with community leaders. Khulia is relentless in her pursuit of holding adults accountable to achieving better outcomes for our students. The students of Minneapolis are lucky to have her working on their behalf.”

– Kyle Parsons, Vice President of Community Engagement

More people need to be aware of the disparities facing Minneapolis students today. Khulia’s work is not only raising awareness, but taking action to make real change. We are proud to stand alongside her and NPU MN to ensure every child has access to a great school that prepares them for the future they deserve.

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“I hope when a parent and a student walks into a school that they actually feel like they’re a part of the school. There is respect and the treatment of this is a partnership between all of us, and we all want to make sure that all of our kids are thriving as much as we can.”

Khulia Pringle National Parents Union MN