Shared Strategies: An Examination of Bellwether’s School Cohort Program

Great MN Schools is dedicated to helping schools provide the best education possible for students. This includes connecting school leaders to best-in-class strategic supports such as Bellwether – a national nonprofit transforming education to ensure systemically marginalized young people achieve outcomes that lead to fulfilling lives and flourishing communities.

Our Portfolio Directors use Bellwether’s School Cohort Program to help school leaders create improvement plans that strengthen educational practices and give more students access to high-quality learning opportunities.

And it’s working!

Findings from these case studies show that this approach has led to improved school operations, greater teacher satisfaction, and greater organizational capacity to improve student achievement.

In their newest analysis, Bellwether provides an overview of the Cohort Program and its work with two schools supported by Great Minnesota Schools.

In case studies of these two schools – Global Academy and Prodeo Academy – Bellwether shares lessons learned, and reflection from school leaders on their experience. Huge shoutout to both schools for investing the time, energy, and hard work needed to take their schools from good to great.

Read the full analysis and featured case studies to learn more!

Full Analysis

Global Academy

Prodeo Academy