State approves TNTP’s Teach MN—a huge victory for aspiring teachers of color!

3 / 23 / 21

Following PELSB’s approval, Teach MN is on track to be among Minnesota’s first alternative teacher preparation providers.

TNTP is slated to launch the elementary and special education teacher prep program for fall 2022. Teach MN has the potential to be a strong source of diverse, high-quality teacher candidates for our portfolio schools—and for schools across the state.

Only 5% of teachers in Minnesota are people of color. TNTP is committed to recruiting 50% candidates of color, which will amount to meaningful progress to diversify the teaching profession.

We cultivated TNTP to be a teacher preparation provider in Minnesota following a successful alternative certification policy win at the Capitol. Since then, we have worked alongside TNTP, helping advance Teach MN, including advocating for program approval (13 community organizations signed on to our letter of support to PELSB).

We remain committed because Teach MN is:

  • Diverse: About half of TNTP-trained teachers identify as people of color. Growing and diversifying the talent pipeline is a clear need our portfolio schools have identified, and TNTP has the potential to be a leading provider of highly qualified teachers for these schools as they go from “good” to “great.”
  • Effective: A study found that TNTP-trained teachers are as effective as teachers who received 2-3 years of traditional training.
  • Committed: Another study found that TNTP-trained teachers were more likely to be teaching a year later than the average new teachers.

Look for more updates as TNTP makes progress toward Teach MN launch.