Vote for school board in the primary!

It’s primary season and, if you haven’t already voted, I encourage you to do so—and vote down ballot for the Minneapolis School Board!

The Board of Education plays a major role in shaping our education system—and ensuring more children attend an excellent and equitable school. That’s why, this past school year, we launched the Get on Board school board candidate training program with the Northside Achievement Zone, Voices for Racial Justice, and Ayada Leads.

Get on Board provided a suite of resources for local advocates interested in or exploring a bid for district school boards. Twelve community members—11 of whom Black, Brown, or Indigenous—participated in the first cohort, three launched campaigns, and two are currently running for the Minneapolis School Board. Learn about the candidates running for the school board—and please make a plan to vote!

The next school board will need to make incredibly critical decisions for the district, including hiring the next superintendent and achieving financial sustainability.

Remember to vote on or before August 9—and please click here if you need assistance locating your polling location.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Great MN Schools does not endorse any candidate seeking public office. Get on Board is for anyone who believes all children deserve access to excellent schools, and wants to know more about the role of a school board member and the mechanics of a school board campaign.