Growing the number of great schools is the best way to rewrite the future for students, families, and our community

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We’re creating a critical mass of high-performing schools for underserved communities

Our school-centered approach starts with identifying schools with strong leaders and culture, and helping them diagnose their strengths and gaps.

We facilitate the development of a strategic roadmap, and surround schools with support to ensure the implementation of strategic interventions and evidence-based solutions. Together, we partner for continual progress toward excellence. This is a unique model in Minnesota.

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We build community partnerships to support underserved families’ ability to navigate K-12 systems

Working alongside community partners, we empower families with tools to make informed school choices and advocate within schools.

This includes trainings and support among partners to deepen use of Minneapolis School Finder and other Great MN Schools-generated tools and national best-practice resources. This work will lead to families choosing better options for their child, and stronger family-school relationships and stronger schools.

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We’re advancing proven solutions toward more high-performing schools

Elevating what’s possible, we're demonstrating how other cities have increased the number of high-performing schools—such as using school performance frameworks to define, measure, and manage school quality.

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