Growing the number of great schools is the best way to rewrite the future for students, families, and our community

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We’re creating a critical mass of schools that work for underserved communities:

  • Providing promising schools with access to experts to support a comprehensive diagnostic and planning process, anchored in a school quality review
  • Through our “Good-to-Great” strategy, investing multi-year funding, team expertise, and strategic interventions to promising schools on a path toward high performing
  • Facilitating multiple opportunities for school staff to learn together and build relationships across schools
  • Reducing the number of low-performing charter schools through work with authorizers and MDE on turnaround/closure support, and strengthening the due diligence process for new school operators
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We support parent demand for more schools that work:

  • Working with community-based partners, supporting families in making informed decisions on enrollment and advocating within schools
  • Expanding distribution of Minneapolis School Finder and dialing-up trainings for community organizations
  • Developing and rolling out best-in-class tools and resources to support families as they navigate schools
  • Deepening our work with and support for community organizations looking to empower families as advocates for their children
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We’re engaging the Minneapolis community around K-12 problems and solutions:

  • Building broader citywide awareness of, and commitment to, shared goals through convenings and best-practice sharing
  • Building broader understanding of, and expectations for, the role of elected officials in creating high-quality school options

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2019 Annual Report:

Empowering what works.