School expansion

We invest in select high-performing schools that wish to replicate and/or expand in Minneapolis 

This has been an effective method for starting and growing high-performing schools in cities like ours.

We enable outstanding leadership teams leading great schools to reach more Minneapolis students—especially students most underserved.


Funding for the replication and/or expansion of high-performing schools is made in two connected phases:

  1. First, we review the school’s academic performance, operational stability and leadership strength. A school that passes this screening is then invited to apply for our ‘Planning Grant’ to help develop a comprehensive, multi-year strategic growth plan.
  2. We work closely with the school during the planning process, to learn more about the school’s instructional model, culture, leadership team and foundation for successful growth. Following the planning process, a school may submit its completed business plan and accompanying financial model to us for funding consideration. With the plan as the foundation, we will evaluate the school for a multi-year growth investment to support its proposed replication and/or expansion.

Planning Grant applications are by invitation only. Schools must have at least three years of operating history and proven student outcomes (including state assessment data) to be considered. We may consider a grant to promising schools with two years of strong academic performance data (including norm-referenced standardized tests). We only support expansion efforts for schools that can commit to financial sustainability at full enrollment.

For more information, contact Morgan Brown with any questions:


Resource Guide for School Facilities
Equipping school leaders with the building blocks of facilities planning, a directory of local experts and lease negotiation guidelines.