Family Tools

We create tools that support families as strong partners in their children’s education.

Help Your Child Succeed

We create tools that support families as strong partners in their children’s education.

Understand What Your Child Should be Learning

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Take the Readiness Check

A gut check for K-8 families to know if their student is on grade level.

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MN Standards Family Guides

These guides tell you what your child should be learning each year.

Find a
Great School

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Minneapolis School Finder

A resource guide for Minneapolis families to find their best-fit school.

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How to Pick a School

Things to look for and questions to ask when touring schools.

Prepare for School

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Ready to Team up

5 ideas to start the school year strong.

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Dear Teacher Letter

Introduce your child to their new teacher so that they can best support your child!

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Back-to-School Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

Use this tool to help you get ready for parent teacher conferences.

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The Busy Family's Guide to School

Answer questions about your child’s education journey—from grade school to graduation.

Continue Learning in Summer

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Summer Learning Tips

2 ways to help remix your summer learning

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End-of-Year Parent-Teacher Planning Tool

Ask your child’s teacher which skills to focus on over the summer.

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Camp Kinda

Keep kids ages 3-13 engaged, curious, and having fun—even if they’re stuck at home. It’s like summer camp (kinda).

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Find Local Resources

Find local summer programming for Minneapolis.

Be Informed

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2022 MPS School Voter Guide

Learn about the candidates in the Board of Education election.

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